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We set out to build up a herd of high end breeding stock and therefore a high end fiber herd, the two interwoven and each enhancing the other.  Nowadays that is just what we have.  Our females are sound nurturing mothers and pass along excellent traits to their offspring.  The males are a handsome lot; they grace our fields and contribute their superb fleeces to the fiber end.  Our standards for breeding are rigid, so the males that remain intact and available for stud service are outstanding. 


Sanctuary's Rembrandt

ARI#  31529693

born:  8/3/2008

Rensselaer x CCNF Lucille

lustrous white fleece with character, density, uniformity and fine soft handle extending well beyond the blanket, strikingly handsome, solid frame of moderate size, and an easy-going disposition, backed by an impressive pedigree of full Peruvian Alianza and Accoyo mix.

2010 fiber:  18.3,  3.3,  18.1,  0.4



Sanctuary's Maximillion Rose

ARI# 30923485

born:  11/7/2006

Snowmass Royal Rose x CCNF Lucille

2010 fiber:  20.8,  4.1,  19.8,  2.7


Max...  inquisitive, friendly, athletic, soft crimpy fleece and lots of it, pedigree packed with excellence - Hemingway, Bueno, Legacy and Don Julio as well as topnotch females.  His color is white, but there is color on his paternal side.  His fiber - soft handle, fine and dense, extended uniformity, brightness, staple character of nine crimps per inch.


Sanctuary's Orlando FB

ARI# 1140736

SPA Peruvian El Senor x AC Peachtree

8yr fiber:  22.2, 3.9, 17.5, 3.0




Orlando's daughter, Olivia June ~ exquisite fiber, soft and uniform

4yr fiber:  20.0, 3.2, 15.9, 0.7

Junie B (Olivia June) 5 days old with mom, Hollywood    Panama Jack ARI# 1173789

Sullivan Gold


  one month old Arabella

Ella Rose and Quintessa, full sisters (Rensselaer x Miss Hollywood), with cria Sundance and Arabella

sire ~ Maple Brook Bolero

Miss Hollywood ~ plenty of spunk!           Ella Rose and Tessa's dam
    in full fleece...

  Orlando      Remmy      Remmy
our three original girls...

Hollywood with Ella Rose        ARI#  829525     Peachtree with Sully    ARI#  831027    Lucille with Max    ARI#  831740

           Ella Rose


newborn Topaz


      Ella Rose and Max

       Raine Dae Ruby                         Topaz        Summer Heat
  Burdy, 3 days old            Topaz, Remmy and Burdy     Burdick Boomer

      Elizabeth (Bethy)                       Ivanho (Peach x Max)          Montshire (Monty)

Sundance, Beau and Woodrose


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